Grizzly Decals

My newest project,, is a joint venture with my wife, Joanna, in which we offer high-quality vinyl decals to consumers and businesses. We provide a wide variety of ready-to-order designs along with a fast, easy, and affordable ordering process for custom production.

We like to say that we’re working hard to become the world’s favorite place for custom vinyl decals, and based on customer response, it sounds like we’re on the right track.

The Logo


With each shipped order, we include a decal of our logo. While we, of course, needed the logo to look great on the web, we wanted to make sure that customers would enjoy seeing them on laptops, cars, or their child’s forehead. Along with the fun imagery, we make sure that everyone knows where the design originated by including the web address in the logo.

Personal Touches

As Grizzly Decals is a family-run operation, we wanted the logo to reflect the people behind the products. Along the bottom, we included four icons which represent a different interest or value that we share: a book, a tree, a cross, and (of course) pizza.

Decal-Production Friendly

Creating decals is a little different than printing stickers. Excess vinyl needs to be removed by hand in a process called weeding. As we’ve shipped thousands of orders, keeping production time low for these decals was important. We decreased the number of picks by customizing the text and minimized the likelihood of pull-ups by rounding every corner.

Unique Decal Designs

By analyzing market trends and catering to a niche consumer group, we’ve created hundreds of unique designs over the years for laptops, cars, and walls. Also, we always keep our inbox open for suggestions and requests from customers, often having a few preorders in place before the design has been finalized.

Memorable Experience

Along with unique designs, we aimed to separate from the competition by providing a stellar experience from the first contact through final installation. We make installation a breeze with clear application tape and our easy-to-follow instructions double as a bubble remover to aid in the process. Each decal comes with an application kit containing all the necessary installation materials, plus some swag, for an @-worthy experience.

Easy Ordering Options

As we’re B2B and B2C, we needed a flexible ordering experience. While we can make all of our products available through our website, we opted to use the platform for our B2C facing operations, capitalizing on their established customer base, insights, and reach. For our B2B side, customers looking for larger production runs or wanting their own decal designs created, we went the WooCommerce route, building the cart inside of our existing website.


Out of the box, WooCommerce is a super-simple cart option for WordPress websites. Toss in a few plugins and you have an ultra robust eCommerce solution for any market strategy. We’re able to offer highly adaptable functionality for our business customers where they can get an up-front price quote and provide us all of the information necessary to create their decals. Visitors can even estimate the ROI of selling decals, which has directly resulted in an increase of production sizes.

Etsy Shop

Etsy provides tons of consumer-friendly features and an established customer base and market reach that would have taken us tons of time and money to develop on our own. We chose to list our ready-made decals on their platform and it’s made our B2C operations frictionless.

Services Provided

Responsive Website Design


eCommerce Solution


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Graphic Design

Logo Creation