My Portfolio

Everyone needs their own website, right? I built to display my latest projects, present a visual CV, and provide information about my skills and services.

I went with a simple layout and aesthetic, ultimately driving visitors to view my projects and cv. Each page ends with a universal contact form, minimizing any friction related to reaching out.

The Logo

Creating a personal logo can be daunting. I wanted a logo that was representative of not only the services that I provide but the quality of my finished products. I went through multiple iterations, but am extremely satisfied with the end result.

Timeless Stability

Regardless if you’re looking for custom graphics, effective copy, or approachable web development, the end product should last. By taking advantage of the shape of the letter ‘A’ and intersecting line-work, I was able to incorporate multiple strong triangles into the design, which is psychologically comforting and representative of elements known to stand the test of time.

Design, Web, & Word

The wireframe-like design is representative of my UX/UI and web development services. The joined “A” and “Z” relates not only to copywriting but to the thoroughness of my work. Conveniently, it’s also my initials. Lastly, the entire logo itself is an example of the custom graphics that I can provide. Weird how a simple icon can include so much, right?

Multiple-Medium Friendly

While first-use of the logo will be on the web, I wanted to make sure that it would look great on a variety of mediums at any size. The single-color design allows it to be altered to complement any fore or background while the thick-line aesthetic allows it to be recognizable if sized for a business card or NASA’s next shuttle.

The Website

Whenever I create a website, I always start with an end-goal in mind. For my personal site, I wanted visitors to check out my latest projects, have access to my cv, and be able to easily reach out once they’re ready to start a conversation.

Easy Navigation

Each page on the website is accessible with a single click. By avoiding nested links or complex paths, visitors have access to all of my projects and information within the header navigation.


This site is based on the WordPress platform, making it ultra-simple to keep everything up-to-date and add new content over time. The low-maintenance site lets me spend more time creating and less time keeping the site up-and-running.

Services Provided

Responsive Website Design



SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Graphic Design

Logo Creation