Zeller Writing Co.

As the business name implies, Zeller Writing Company is a project of my own creation and venture into the e-commerce realm. We offer brand-name writing and art supplies for creatives who care just as much about the quality of their tools as the work they create.

I reached out my friend Scott Fuller of The Studio Temporary for help with the logo then I took over from there with the remaining branding, development, and copy.

The Store

To ensure that our site would be compatible across all devices, be easy to maintain, and offer enough features to accommodate future growth, we built the store on the Volusion cart platform. We snagged one their responsive themes then jumped into the backend, customizing the CSS and HTML to match the branding and customer experience we wanted to provide.

Responsive Design

It should go without saying, but any website created today needs to be responsive to varying browser widths. We can’t control what customers will use to visit the site, so the responsive construction ensures that they’ll have a great experience each time.

Product Showcase

While physically touching the products before purchase isn’t an option, we wanted to create as personal of an experience as possible for the discerning customer. Each product is showcased with high-resolution imagery with the ability to magnify for a closer look.

One-Page Checkout

To minimize purchase-friction, we selected a cart provider which featured a one-page checkout process. The checkout page allows customers to enter all of their necessary info, including account creation, make their shipping selections, and process payment with the least amount of clicks.

The Products

Along with excellent product descriptions, I take multiple high-resolution and color-accurate photographs of each product to provide customers with a more personal product experience before purchase.

Services Provided

Responsive Website Design


eCommerce Solution


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Graphic Design

Button & Icon Creation